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Adare Physiotherapy Clinic is situated just outside the village of Adare, near the Woodlands Hotel. The clinic was established in 1999 by Gay Peart-Murphy MISCP and is dedicated to providing high quality physiotherapy treatment. It is purpose built as a physiotherapy clinic and has its own car-park in front of the building.

All of our Physiotherapists are committed to helping patients to recover from their injuries or ailments and use modern techniques including Dry Needling to achieve this.
Appointments are available throughout the day and evening. A doctor’s referral is not necessary and if we believe further intervention is required, we will advise you of this.
The following list represents the main conditions for which treatment is provided :

  • Pain e.g. shoulders, knees, backs. The focus of treatment is on relieving pain and stiffness, so that the patient can move again easily. Registered with AVIVA Back-Up programme.
  • Sports injuries: e.g. torn muscle, foot pain. Concentration is on accurate diagnosis and treatment leading to speedy recovery and return to sport.
  • Orthopaedic conditions: e.g. a broken leg. The aim of treatment is to recover movement and strength so that normal function returns like walking without a frame or crutches.
  • Chest conditions: e.g. bronchitis. Physiotherapy helps to clear the lungs of secretions and improve the breathing.
  • Womens’ health: This relates to bladder retraining and recovery after gynecological surgery.
  • Medico-Legal Reports: These are Physiotherapy reports prepared on the request of a solicitor describing the pain and disruption to life whcih someone may have suffered following a road traffic accident.
  • Computer Safety/PC Posture: This is ergonomic advice for people using computers on any DSE(Display Screen Equipment)
  • Manual Handling Instruction: This is Training Courses offered to Employees for safe lifting and handling to comply with Health & Safety Legislation 2007

If you have a physical problem and think Physiotherapy might help, you may come to us directly or you are unsure and want to discuss it with a Chartered Physiotherapist, you are welcome to telephone us on 061-396888, or email us at:

Adare Physiotherapy with Aviva

Adare Physiotherapy Clinic, Castleroberts, Adare, Co. Limerick.
For appointment phone 061 396888 or Email

Gay Murphy Portrait

Gay Peart-Murphy MISCP
Chartered Physiotherapist