Update on Covid-19

The clinic will remain open for face to face and online treatments presently. We have put the precautions in place to prevent the virus spreading. We are asking you to be as vigilent as possible too. Ring us on 061-396888 if you are worried about attending the clinic during the Covid pandemic,because we can do …

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Clinic is open

Physiotherapy is listed as an essential health service, so we will remain open. All HSE precautions are in place. We can also do a video conference if you don’t want to come in, and give you advice and the right exercises for your condition. Share with friends

Ask The Physio

We are in, are you? We have partnered with the Women’s Mini Marathon for a really special idea. We are offering participants of the event the opportunity to book a physio appointment with us on 17th October on book.askthephysio.ie and instead of paying us you can donate to a charity close to YOUR heart. Win, …

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Ask The Physio

We are delighted to take part in a fundraising initiative in partnership with the Women’s Mini Marathon. Taking place on the 17th October we will be donating our time to raise extra funds for YOUR charity. Check out book.askthephysio.ie and you will find us there! Share with friends

Foot Pain

Often over time the longitudinal arch drops slightly and overstretches the soft tissues and the alignment of the other bones of the foot is put off line. This can give rise to some of the foot pain people experience, such as ‘Metatarsalia’ (pain in the balls of the foot), or ‘Plantar Fascietis’ ( heel pain …

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