Foot Pain

Often over time the longitudinal arch drops slightly and overstretches the soft tissues and the alignment of the other bones of the foot is put off line. This can give rise to some of the foot pain people experience, such as ‘Metatarsalia’ (pain in the balls of the foot), or ‘Plantar Fascietis’ ( heel pain …

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  Orthotics are insoles placed in your shoes. They support the arches of the feet and their aim is to relieve pain and get your feet functioning well.. Some are custom made and some are ‘off the shelf’. Your Chartered Physiotherapist will outline what’s best for you, depending on what your problem is. Custom made orthotics are designed from …

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Pulmonary Physiotherapy can help patients with chest conditions such as Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or a lingering chest infection. Many chest conditions benefit from Physiotherapy. The aim of the treatment is to loosen bronchial secretions, so they can be relieved. Through this, the air entry into the lungs is improved and breathing normally …

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