Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise is an important part of your recovery. Gentle exercises are prescribed by your physiotherapist, both to loosen the affected muscles as they become less painful, and to strengthen them at a later stage. You will be taught your exercises in a careful and controlled manner and given a printed hand out to help you perform …

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Hands On

Although the term ‘Hands on Treatment’  may be self explanatory, it tends to include several different techniques. These are: Mobilisation This a gentle rocking pressure by the Chartered Physiotherapists hands on the joints of neck, back or limbs.It may also involve twisting the neck or back to release a certain joint. It is particularly beneficial for …

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Dry Needling

What is Dry Needling?  Dry Needling is the insertion of a tiny needle into a painful muscle knot in the body, with the aim to reduce pain. There is no medication on the needle, hence it is referred to as ‘Dry.’ Is Dry Needling similar to acupuncture? There are many similarities and differences between dry …

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Pain & strain in the neck & shoulders, upper back, arms or wrists can often be caused by the way a person is positioned in front of a work station. Nowadays there are many types of computer screens used in the working environment. These are termed ‘Display Screen Equipment (DSE ), e.g. working on the …

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Traction on the neck   This is a gentle treatment which involves exerting a pull on the tissues of the neck or low back. Treatment lasts approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the severity of the pain. It is particularly good when the pain is ‘referred’ from the spine to the arms or legs (Sciatica). You can …

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Electrical Treatment

The body responds to different types of electrical treatment, whether its to reduce swelling or pain or stimulate muscles to contract. At Adare Physiotherapy Clinic, we use electrical treatments as they are beneficial to help you get relief and return to your normal activities. The properties of Ultrasound are used in Physiotherapy to work on swelling. This is because …

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