Pain & strain in the neck & shoulders, upper back, arms or wrists can often be caused by the way a person is positioned in front of a work station. Nowadays there are many types of computer screens used in the working environment. These are termed ‘Display Screen Equipment (DSE ), e.g. working on the main frame computer at the office or working on a till in a supermarket, or in a bank where the computer screen is not positioned at eye level for the teller and worst of all when a laptop placed on your knees.

Pain usually occurs when the body is positioned awkwardly for a prolonged period of time, especially when you are absorbed doing something on a compute!. Getting the body position correct in front of the screen, can help relieve or prevent the pain & strain.

There are Health and Safety Regulations which aim to protect the health of people (especially their physical health) who work with computers. Re-organization of a work station often takes the strain off the body parts in question. Then if the user follows good practices like taking short breaks during intensive work the body is at its optimum to work efficiently.

At Adare Physiotherapy Clinic, Gay Peart-Murphy has undertaken a specialised course to assess people’s postural positioning at computers. She can set up a work station correctly, for an individual or business, and help reduce fatigue leading to pain and strain amongst computer users.

Many people attend the clinic with neck and shoulder pain, during the treatment, Gay may discuss  postural position while using a computer and she may suggest better positions to work in.

This assessment & advice about postural set up, or ‘ergonomics’, can be arranged for companies at there place of work. It can also be done on an individual basis, in the home or home office. Gay has noticed that postural training is very beneficial for students as they often experience pain while studying, interfering with their concentration.

Please contact us on: 061-396888 to discuss arranging this advice and training, for yourself, your family, or for your staff.

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