Traction on the neck


This is a gentle treatment which involves exerting a pull on the tissues of the neck or low back. Treatment lasts approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the severity of the pain. It is particularly good when the pain is ‘referred’ from the spine to the arms or legs (Sciatica). You can also get pins and needles in a hand or foot with referred pain.

Referred pain is very aggravating, because it is often caused by pressure on a nerve,like a bad toothache. Traction alongside your assessment and other Physiotherapy techniques can relieve this irritating pain. The clinic has several ways of applying traction to you, so that you are very comfortable during the treatment.

Gay has learnt different positions to put patients in while they are on the traction, to achieve optimum results and relieve their Sciatica or arm pain.

Many people will remember the sort of traction which was used in hospitals long ago, where the patient with a bad back was on traction in bed for several weeks. Traction treatment at Adare Physiotherapy Clinic is quite different, and you will go home after your treatment !



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