Electrical Treatment

The body responds to different types of electrical treatment, whether its to reduce swelling or pain or stimulate muscles to contract. At Adare Physiotherapy Clinic, we use electrical treatments as they are beneficial to help you get relief and return to your normal activities.

The properties of Ultrasound are used in Physiotherapy to work on swelling. This is because Ultrasound is a sound wave, and like the vibration of a drum, the tiny waves of the Ultrasound vibrates in the tissues  and helps to ‘squeeze’ the swelling out of the individual cells. Its amazing to see the before and after pictures of Ultrasound.

Interferential Therapy is a symptom relieving (medium frequency) current. It feels like pins and needles and is turned up until you feel a strong but comfortable sensation in the area of your injury. It comprises of two or four pads, depending on the machine and/or your injury. It works  (in the 4 pad set up) by two sets of current, opposite each other, passing through the tissues simultaneously. Where they cross over is the  focus of the treatment and should be where your injury is situated.

Interferential Therapy to Upper Back

Curapulse is a form of deep heat delivered to joints of the body is a pulsed fashion. This makes it safe and effective as the heat gets time to dissipate in the tissues during the treatment. It particularly beneficial in cases of arthritis, as it can travel through the external tissues to the joints.

Pulsed Deep Heat Treatment

Electrical Stimulation is sometimes used to re-educate muscle. Often after an injury or an operation, such as a knee ligament sprain, the muscles have become weak around the knee. It is important to strengthen them to get back to normal. Electrical stimulation often helps to start off the contractions, so that the muscle ‘re-learns’ what to do, making an active contraction easier.




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