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Hip Pain

Hip pain can occur for a number of reasons, and believe it or not it doesn’t always require a hip replacement! Often pain is felt on the outside of the hip, and this can often be from ‘Trigger Points’ in the Gluteus Medius muscle on the side of the hip area. This can be very …

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Knee Pain

  Knee pain can strike from your teenage years upwards. One of the conditions which is widely seen is ‘Chondromalacia Patella’. This is where the kneecap (patella) is rubbing against the bone behind it (the femur). It is often seen in teenage girls, and can be to do with flattening of the arches of the feet, …

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Foot Pain

  Pain and discomfort in the feet is very tiring. This can be caused by dropping of the long and or metatarsal arches, in turn putting pressure on the soft tissues. Conditions such as ‘Plantar Fascietis’ (heel pain) or ‘Metatarsalia’ (Pain under the ball of the foot) can respond to Physiotherapy. Orthotics are insoles designed to …

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Shoulder Pain.

Shoulder pain is very limiting. It hurts to do things like dressing, driving, picking up children, in fact nearly everything. Sometimes shoulder pain comes from an injury, and sometimes it comes from holding your arm in an awkward position. There are many other causes, but Chartered Physiotherapists are trained to work out what’s causing the …

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Neck Pain

‘A pain in the neck’ is no laughing matter! It can be agony turning your head, difficult to get comfortable at night, and be uncomfortable at work to say the least. Physiotherapy with us involves ‘hands on treatment’ which eases tight painful muscles and releases stiff joints to allow you to move with comfort. Gentle exercises …

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Back Pain

Back pain can be crippling if it strikes. Physiotherapy treatment can help to ease to the pain in an acute attack. Later on the aim is to prevent the pain reoccurring in the future. This clinic is registered with AVIVA Back-Up programme for prompt recovery from back pain. Accurate assessment of the patient’s pain and dysfunction …

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Many people suffer from various forms of Arthritis. Physiotherapy can help to ease some of the symptoms, especially in the earlier stages. Arthritis in the shoulder can lead to pain and stiffness. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, it’s worth your while to discuss it with us, as you might not have to put up …

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