Hip Pain

Hip pain can occur for a number of reasons, and believe it or not it doesn’t always require a hip replacement!

Often pain is felt on the outside of the hip, and this can often be from ‘Trigger Points’ in the Gluteus Medius muscle on the side of the hip area. This can be very painful, but can be treated effectively with Physiotherapy. Often soft tissue treatment releases the Trigger Points and ‘Dry Needling’ can be beneficial.

Other hip pain can be from wear and tear of the joint surfaces. In the early stages it has been shown with research that loosening up the joint and strengthening it with specifically prescribed exercises by the Chartered Physiotherapist, relieves the symptoms.

Strengthening Hip Muscles.
Strengthening Hip Muscles.

After a Hip Replacement, at the right time, walking is usually encouraged. If things don’t go exactly to plan, and this is painful, Physiotherapy treatment often helps to get you onto the right track again. This may be especially if both hips have been replaced. Sometimes its easy as finding out what’s halting the progress and addressing it. Modern hip replacements are an excellent operation, and if necessary, once small issues are sorted out, its ‘full steam ahead’.



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