Pain in the Wrist & Thumb

Sometimes pain develops in the tendons of the wrist or thumb , especially when using the computer. This is because the wrist tends to bend the hand upwards when using the keyboard or the mouse. If the hands remain in this position for a prolonged period of time, the tendons overwork and become tired and eventually painful. This may lead to inflammation of the tendons.
Try using a wrist or mouse pad which will straighten the bend in your wrist and may ease the pain, and stop the escalation of the problem.If this doesn’t solve the problem, Physiotherapy treatment is very helpful, not only from the actual reducing of the pain, but from the assessment of your posture at the computer, which may be the culprit! Many computer set ups need adjustment, and this also helps. Taking breaks from what you are doing on the computer is a good help too, as it rests the areas under strain.
The wrist and hand can become painful and aggravated by everything you do.
Here the pressure is going on the tendons of the wrist, which have become swollen and painful.
Physiotherapy can help ease out the painful tissues and reduce the symptoms, letting you get on with your life again.
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