Dead Leg Injury

A ‘Dead Leg’ injury relates to a blow to the outside of the thigh with a blunt object, e.g. someone else’s knee! It is an extremely painful bruising of the tissues, and can literally ‘knock out’ your whole leg for a few days. This often happens during a match by accident. After a few days, severe bruising may become visible down the outside of the leg as the bleeding from the injury tracks down the leg.

Contrary to normal injury advice, apply heat rather than ice at home after the game  as you want to maintain the blood supply to the area. Then contact your local Chartered Physiotherapist for help.If you are in the Adare area, we can help you recover from this. It’s really important to get the leg moving again, within the limits of pain, and this is where we can help out.

Gently bending the knee again.
Gently bending the knee again.


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