Golfer and Tennis Elbow

Many people suffer from elbow pain, either on the inside or the outside of the joint. It can be caused by an over strain of the tendons at the elbow as they attach onto the bone.


In Golfers Elbow the pain is on the inside of the elbow joint. It is often caused by prolonged strain through the wrist while gripping with the fingers too tightly, e.g. in rock climbing. Mind you, if you hit the ground instead of the golf ball, you’ll know all about it if your elbow has been troublesome.

In Tennis Elbow, which is more common, the pain is on the outside of the elbow joint. It is often caused by prolonged extension of the wrist, while gripping tightly, e.g. in tennis (!). Tennis Elbow interferes in everyday life, even tasks like lifting up a teapot can become a problem.

Physiotherapy can help both of these conditions, by releasing out the tight muscles and stretching the areas, the tissues become less painful. Working out the causing factors with your Chartered Physiotherapist is also an important part of your recovery, and by altering the position you are carrying out tasks in, can help to prevent reoccurrence.



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