Pain can be severe in the neck and shoulder area

Most whiplash injuries usually arise from a road traffic accident although they can occur in sports too. During a collision, the head is thrown forwards and then backwards. When this occurs, the small joints of the neck can be sprained, and the soft tissues of the neck can be overstretched and strained. The injury usually shows itself the next day. Pain in the neck and upper shoulder area can be very severe, and it is wise to visit the doctor to get fully checked out if you are worried about it.

Physiotherapy treatment at this stage is beneficial, to give you advice on what to do to reduce pain and how much to move your neck and shoulders.

Treatment can ease out the painful muscles and help regain your movement


As time goes by, it is normal to have pain as the tissues heal but in order to aid recovery it is important to remain active and try to carry out your normal activities.

Research suggests that wearing a neck collar will not be of benefit, in fact you become stiffer. Physiotherapy including exercise, mobilisation techniques and massage has been shown to be effective in reducing pain and disability caused by whiplash.



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